At WhatOnKent.co.uk, we extend a warm invitation to aspiring content writers, journalists, telemarketers, and sales experts to join our dynamic team and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Kent’s cultural landscape. As a rapidly growing platform operated by Smatch International Limited, we value diverse talents and perspectives that enrich our content and engagement strategies.

For aspiring content writers, this is an opportunity to showcase your creativity, explore the nuances of storytelling, and shape narratives that resonate with our audience. Journalists will find a platform to delve into the heart of Kent, uncovering compelling stories, and keeping our readers informed and inspired.

Telemarketers and sales experts will play a crucial role in connecting businesses with our platform, fostering collaborations that enhance the local experience for our audience. Whether you have a flair for words, a nose for news, or a knack for sales, WhatOnKent.co.uk provides a supportive environment for growth and expression.

Join us in fostering a community-driven platform that celebrates Kent’s diversity. Collaborate with us to bring forth the richness of Kent’s districts, engaging our audience with captivating content and forging connections that contribute to the flourishing cultural mosaic of the Garden of England. Together, let’s unfold the stories, events, and wonders that make Kent truly special.

Send in your application to info@whatsonkent.co.uk

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