Local Council Clerk Expo 2024 Summary

Last week saw the launch of SLCC’s brand new Local Council Clerk Expo event, which took place on 12 June 2024 at the Heart of England Conference Centre in Coventry. The...

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What have the main parties pledged for students?

University students, and efforts to attract their votes, have been relatively prominent in several recent general elections. From the Liberal Democrats famously courting the student vote in 2010 with their pledge (later broken in government) to abolish tuition fees, to Jeremy Corbyn’s...

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How extreme weather will affect the insurance and energy sectors

When Storm Isha hit Northern Ireland and northern Britain in January 2024, wind gusts of almost 100mph caused widespread damage to property. This strong extra-tropical cyclone also influenced both the insurance and energy sectors. Isha resulted in damages which required the insurance...

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Q&A with RMetS volunteer Gemma Plumb

We spoke recently with Gemma Plumb FRMetS, about her activities as an RMetS volunteer. Gemma is a meteorologist and dedicated science communicator, presenter, writer...

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